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Get to know Riley Sport & Fitness

Know us, know our brand & know we always aim high

Riley Sport & Fitness are Primary PE Specialists delivering in Primary Schools across Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire. As well our education and school sports specialism, we also are experienced coaches, fitness instructors and run the best kids camps in the East Mids!

We are a small business that strives on developing ourselves and our pupils. We believe that given the right set of tools, everyone has the potential for success. Our unique selling point is actually that we ARE small. We only hire the best, with the best attitude, aptitude and ambition. Coaching, teaching, mentoring people to be the best they can be, through sport. 

We're always looking to connect with new schools, like-minded people and potential employees, so please get in touch

Our mission

"We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn & develop; whether that be in School Sport, Coaching or our Fitness classes. We believe the only way forward is working together, to achieve the very best we can be. Supporting, encouraging and empowering - and always going the extra mile for each other. That's why I created a RS&F, to deliver outstanding Sports & Fitness services to my local community " - Blayne Riley, Founder of Riley Sport & Fitness

Our promise

Everything you need

Our promise is, no matter which service you experience with us, either as a school partner, parent or member of staff, that we will always endeavour to leave you with an exceptionally high experience. 

We only hire the best. That's the best fit for the role, the best attitude, the best experience, the best delivery, the best communication. We will always strive to maintain and build on our education and experience, ways of working and policies, to give you and your children or pupils the very best, as that is no less than every child deserves.

Our promise to you; to always deliver the very best.

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Work Experience

We are always looking to develop the next generation of coaches, here at Riley Sport & Fitness we believe that it is important to learn on the job and gain an insight in to how the industry works. 

Are you looking to gain valuable work experience in the field of primary school sport & education, coaching or fitness? Riley Sport & Fitness can help assist you! We can offer you 1- or 2-week work experience period alongside our head coach working to the highest standard. Contact us for more information regarding placements. 

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